Breaking Sin (Sin #1) By Teresa Mummer Review


Sinthia wants to escape college unscathed and move on with her plans for a perfect life, but Imagean unlikely friendship with Collin, the resident bad-boy, makes her rethink what she wants.\


For being a short read, I found this one rather enjoyable. I do wish it was a bit longer, but only because I felt that some parts of the story could have been elaborated on just a little more. One thing I can say is that this book reminded me of Beautiful Disaster. Not in the “OMG – this book ripped off the other books story line” kind of way, but in a good way. There were some things that reminded me of BD and some parts in the story that just had me flashing back to BD.

Collin is your typical Lady Lover. Yup. That’s right – I said it. Lady Lover. He seems to be with a different girl every night. Then comes Sin. The two of them end up sleeping together in the same bed…. Get this… AS FRIENDS. Yup. Here we go haha. Sin soon becomes the girl that helps Collin get his girls. (Messed up, right?!) After all, friends help each other get dates lol. Yet, it soon stops being about friendship to Sin. She starts to realize that she wants to be THAT girl that Collin pays attention to & for a lot longer than one night.

I will point out that I was dissapointed in Sin’s “Best Friend” Taylor in this book. As far as friends go – I feel like I would accidentally back over her with my car if she were my friend. Who sits by and watches as their best friend is HEARTBROKEN, yet she continues to go out with Collin and the guys & even tries to hook Collin up with other woman. WHO DOES THAT?! Seriously.

Aside from that – this story was awesome. I love the attraction between the two.. I felt that it took FOREVER for them to come to their senses! While I enjoyed reading about it – I wish we could have had a little longer of an ending to see them REALLY enjoy one another. I adored the fact that Collin was both Physically and Emotionally attached to Sin. It made it easier to really believe the attraction.


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