Please note that I am not a professional book reviewer. I am just another girl who has a passion to read books and spread the word about amazing books to other people. I absolutely love reading Young Adult Contemporary  as well as YA Fantasy. While I may occasionally receive books in exchange for an honest review, I do not receive any compensation for any of my reviews. 

As this is a mostly YA book blog, I will review the following YA genres: Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Paranormal. I do NOT review historical or non-fiction. 

In addition to posting reviews on my blog, I also post reviews on my Goodreads as well as my alternate blog page.

All my reviews will be my honest thoughts and I will not change my review or rating.

* I usually follow a reading schedule. If I choose to accept your book to review, it will be my priority to read and review it as soon as possible.

* I prefer to receive review copies in EBook or PDFs  but am willing to accept Paperback or    Hardcover as well.

*Please do not contact me asking for a review or interview that is not in the genres I listed.

Please make sure to include the following in your review request:

1. Your name
2. Name of book
3. Book cover!
4. Brief summary of book
5. Link to your website and/or Goodreads page.

6. Book release date

What you can expect from my reviews:
-Book Cover.
-Book Description from either Amazon or Goodreads
-My honest opinion.
-My rating.

-Some of my favorite quotes.

If you feel your book matches on of my genres, feel free to send me an email at:

Review request that do not match my genres will be ignored and deleted.

I am reviewing/blogging based solely on my love for reading and to give others an honest review of a book from my perspective. I make no money whatsoever from my reviews. Also, I get my cover images and book blurbs from Goodreads or author websites!

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