Never to Sleep (Soul Screamers #5.5) By Rachel Vincent Review

Never to Sleep By Rachel Vincent15698262

Series : Soul Screamers 5.5

Release Date : July 1st 2012 By Harlequin Teen

EBook : 56 Pages

Characters :  Sophie Cavanaugh, Luca Tedesco

First Sentence : “I know she’s your best friend and all, Sophie, but Laura Bell has got to go,”

Last Sentence : What does a warrior princess wear for her first day on the throne?


Don’t Close Your Eyes.

Sophie Cavanaugh is not going to let her freak of a cousin’s strange psychiatric condition ruin high school for them both. Not after all the work she’s put into cultivating the right look, and friends, and reputation. But then, Sophie sees something so frightening she lets out a blood-curdling scream–and finds herself stuck in a bizarre parallel world where nothing is safe and deadly creatures lurk just out of sight, waiting for her to close her eyes and sleep…forever.

Could this world be real? Or does insanity run in the family…?


Eastlake High was full of pretty people who acted like total freaks. I blame the local water supply. Which was why I drank bottled water. 

Never to Sleep is a novella set during the events of If I Die – but completely separate to everything that happens in that book – well, except for Kaylee and Tod’s public display of affection, which we see from the outside this time. Never to Sleep follows Sophie, Kaylee’s spoilt, self-centered, entitled younger cousin, as a chance meeting with a new student and the sudden appearance of a soulless reaper bring about Sophie’s first visit the Netherworld, and opens her eyes to all things evil.
Sophie may be a right cow and too shallow for words, but in this story, I could only admire her. With hardly any information about what’s happened, why it happened, and how, Sophie manages to keep her head despite being completely terrified. Because of how shallow and bitchy Sophie is in all the previous books, it is to assume that Sophie is all surface and no depth, that she’s actually stupid – but she’s not. She might despair over being related to Kaylee, but the fact that they are is clear throughout the story through how alike they are when in trouble. She actually has a head on her shoulders, and is capable of thinking clearly and logically even under huge stress. Her ability to think on her feet and able to get herself out of the tightest of scrapes is just brilliant!
Of course, its also filled with laugh out loud moments. Some of my favorites are –

“I don’t even like regular plants. Except for corsages and long-stemmed roses.” And those only hurt when they don’t show up. 

“Oh, shit, are you okay?” A guy knelt at my side, and I blinked, stunned, trying to draw reality back into focus as my vision doubled, then threatened to multiply.“That depends. Are you triplets?”
He laughed. “No, there’s only one of me.”

“Good. I think you’re okay, Sophie, but just to be sure—and this is for purely medical purposes—what’s your phone number?”
I laughed out loud. “Does it usually take blunt-force trauma for you to score a phone number?”

Being a short story, it’s a little hard for me to say much more without spoiling things. It’s awesome to be introduced to new characters and to revisit old ones. It’s even better to have questions that need answers, that will hopefully be answered in the next book, along with all the left over questions from If I Die.


My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers #2) By Rachel Vincent Review

Title : My Soul To Save

Series : Soul Screamers #2

Paperback : 279 pages

Publishing House : Harlequin Teen

Publishing Date : December 29th 2009

Characters :  Kaylee Cavanaugh , Nash Hudson, Tod Hudson, Addison Page



When Kaylee Cavanaugh screams, someone dies.

So when teen pop star Eden croaks onstage and Kaylee doesn’t wail, she knows something is dead wrong. She can’t cry for someone who has no soul.
The last thing Kaylee needs right now is to be skipping school, breaking her dad’s ironclad curfew and putting her too-hot-to-be-real boyfriend’s loyalty to the test. But starry-eyed teens are trading their souls: a flickering lifetime of fame and fortune in exchange for eternity in the Netherworld—a consequence they can’t possibly understand.

Kaylee can’t let that happen, even if trying to save their souls  means putting her own at risk.


Rachel Vincent does it again guys. I enjoyed this addition to the Soul Screamers series just as much as I did the 1st book and the short novella preceding the 1st novel.
Totally loved the pacing of the novel. Once the book starts so does the plot. There are no chapter fillers or any nonsense. Every page is important.
My Soul to Save is a bit darker and more of the book is set in the creepy Netherworld, a world hidden away from ours by a veil that is only crossable by some supernatural beings, which is populated by monsters and deformed creatures that are dangerous in more ways than imaginable. In the Netherworld everything thing and everyone wants to eat you, definitely not a place for a weekend getaway. I felt like this book really started to develop the soul screamers world and expand on a set of characters that I have already started to love.
In My Soul to Save Tod the Grim Reaper makes a bigger appearance, which is great because he really is one of the best characters in the series. As a Grim Reaper Tod holds the importance of souls above all else and he takes it really hard when a friend of his (in his previous earth-bound life) sells her soul, without realising what that means and what it means for her future. Along with Kaylee and Nash they set out to help Tod, to help his friend, despite the overwhelming odds of dealing with demons, monsters, the Netherworld and one very over-protective parent.
My Soul to Save was well written, unexpected and filled with a wonderful and interesting cast of characters that are anything but forgettable.

Favorite Quotes 

“You two are cracked,” Tod snapped.
My smile widened. “Says the undead man in love with the soulless pop star.”

“Chocolate says “I’m sorry” so much better than words.”